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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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And the nominees are...


Outstanding Production

The Bremen Town Musicians                                                                 Summer Stock Austin

The Edge of Peace                                                       UT Department of Theatre and Dance

The Little Mermaid                                                                              ZACH Theatre for Youth

Mariachi Girl, ZACH Theatre for Youth, Teatro Vivo and UT Department of Theatre and Dance

Playground Superhero                                                                Pollyanna Theatre Company


Outstanding Direction

Linda Hartzell                                                                                               The Edge of Peace

Judy Matetzschk-Campbell                                                                  Playground Superhero

Nat Miller                                                                                                     The Little Mermaid

Brant Pope                                                                                                             Mariachi Girl

Allen Robertson                                                                          The Bremen Town Musicians


Outstanding Performer

Franchelle Stewart Dorn (Nell Hicks)                                                          The Edge of Peace

Toby Minor (Kobyn)                                                                              Playground Superhero

Megan Richards (mermaid, storyteller)                                                      The Little Mermaid

Aisha San Roman (Cita)                                                                                       Mariachi Girl

Gricelda Silva (BeeBee)                                                                                 The Family of Ree


Outstanding Production

Avenue Q                                                                                               Austin Theatre Project

One Night With Janis Joplin, ZACH Theatre, Daniel Chilewich and Todd Gershwin of One Night Productions, the Estate of Janis Joplin and Jeffrey Jampol of JAM, Inc.

Passing Strange                                                                               Half and Half Productions

Ragtime: The Musical                                                                                         ZACH Theatre

The Secret Garden                                                            SEU Mary Moody Northen Theatre


Outstanding Direction

There are no nominees in this category this year.

Rudy Ramirez, Sing Muse (write in)                         


Outstanding Lead Actor

Andrew Foote (Tateh)                                                                             Ragtime: The Musical

Greg Holt (Archibald Craven)                                                                     The Secret Garden

Matthew Redden (Bob Wallace)                                               White Christmas: The Musical

Kyle Scatliffe (Coalhouse Walker, Jr.)                                                    Ragtime: The Musical


Outstanding Lead Actress

Jill Blackwood (Mother)                                                                          Ragtime: The Musical

Kacee Clanton (Janis Joplin)                                                      One Night With Janis Joplin

Kia Dawn Fulton (Sarah)                                                                        Ragtime: The Musical

Michelle Haché (Princess Ida)                                                                                 Princess Ida


Outstanding Featured Actor

Joey Banks (Danny Hooper)                                                                        Baby: The Musical

Nathan Brockett (Jack)                                                              Reefer Madness: The Musical

Brian Coughlin (Ezekiel Foster, Santa Claus)                         White Christmas: The Musical

Nathan Jerkins (Lexy Mill)                                                                             A Minister’s Wife

Jose Villarreal (Lecturer, Mr. Poppy, ensemble)                      Reefer Madness: The Musical


Outstanding Featured Actress

Jacqui Cross (Mother)                                                                                      Passing Strange

Libby Dees-Detling (Mae)                                                          Reefer Madness: The Musical

Amy Downing (Prossy Garnett)                                                                    A Minister’s Wife

Tiffany Mann (the Blues Singer)                                                One Night With Janis Joplin

Barbara A. Schoenhofer (Martha Watson)                             White Christmas: The Musical


Outstanding Production

The Importance of Being Earnest                                    SEU Mary Moody Northen Theatre

The Lieutenant of Inishmore                                                                          Capital T Theatre

The Motherfucker With the Hat                                                                    Capital T Theatre

Qualities of Starlight                                                                 VORTEX Repertory Company

Vodka, Fucking and Television                                                           Breaking String Theater


Outstanding Direction

Carrie Klypchak                                                                      The Motherfucker With the Hat

Mark Pickell                                                                                  The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Rudy Ramirez                                                                                            Qualities of Starlight

Richard Robichaux                                                               The Importance of Being Earnest

Ben Schave                                   The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)


Outstanding Lead Actor

Scot Friedman (George Hay)                                                                     Moon Over Buffalo

Joseph Garlock (Cord McCade)                                                                             Invisible Inc.

Joe Hartman (Virgin Sacrifice, Madeleine Astarté, Madeleine Andrews)Vampire Lesbians of Sodom

Jason Liebrecht (Padraic)                                                           The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Toby Minor (Theodore Turner)                                                               Qualities of Starlight


Outstanding Lead Actress

Liz Beckham (Miss Elizabeth Bennet)                                                       Pride and Prejudice

Liz Fisher (Kelly)                                                                                      The Pain and the Itch

Nikki Zook (Beatrice)                                                                      Much Ado About Nothing


Outstanding Featured Actor

Michael Jastroch (ensemble)       The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

Derek Jones (East, Jimmy, Lendall, Chad, Daniel)                                            Almost, Maine

Laurence Pears (Question Mark)                                                                           Invisible Inc.

David Stahl (Dr. Gerald Lyman)                                                                                  Bus Stop

J. Ben Wolfe (Mr. Hadid)                                                                        The Pain and the Itch


Outstanding Featured Actress

Katie Bender (Dinah)                                                                                             The Cataract

Barbara Chisholm (Lady Bracknell)                                   The Importance of Being Earnest

Sophia Franzella (Cecily Cardew)                                       The Importance of Being Earnest

Chris Humphrey (Mrs. Steve Powers, announcer)                                   Brides of the Moon

Leng Wong (Yoshiko)                                                                                 This Feather House


Outstanding Production

Agnes and Alfred                                                                                   Physical Plant Theater

The Cruel Circus                                                                 Trouble Puppet Theater Company

The Man Who Planted Trees                                                                          Exchange Artists

Slowgirl                                                                                                         Hyde Park Theatre

The Sunset Limited                                                                                   Trinity Street Players


Outstanding Direction

Connor Hopkins                                                                                              The Cruel Circus

Jenny Larson                                                                                                       Dream Cabinet

Steve Moore and Zeb L. West                                                                               Adam Sultan

Carlos Treviño                                                                                                Agnes and Alfred

Rachel Wiese                                                                                The Man Who Planted Trees


Outstanding Lead Actor

Trevor Bissell (Black)                                                                                  The Sunset Limited

Joey Hood (machine gunner, grandson)                         “I Am the Machine Gunner”, Strike

Jeff Mills (Andre)                                                                                                                Three

Jason Newman (Doug)                                         Gruesome Playground Injuries [Capital T]

Rommel Sulit (Jean)                                                                   The Man Who Planted Trees


Outstanding Lead Actress

Molly Karrasch (Becky)                                                                                                 Slowgirl

Hannah Kenah (Agnes)                                                                                Agnes and Alfred

Rachel McGinnis Meissner (Blanche)                                             A Streetcar Named Desire

Caroline Reck (Lady Macbeth, witch, murderer)                                           Toil and Trouble

Rebecca Ann Robinson (Margaret)                                                                      Good People


Outstanding Featured Actor

Travis Bedard (Gaunt, Carlisle)                                                                                 Richard II

Aaron Black (Michel Katurian)                                                                         The Pillowman

Ryan Hamilton (Jesse Bandel, Teddy Ray Harrington)                 Just Outside Redemption

Gene Menger (Elzeard Bouffier)                                                The Man Who Planted Trees

Charles P. Stites (Meninius)                                                                                     Coriolanus


Outstanding Featured Actress

Kim Adams (Emma)                                                                                                  Circus Girl

Pilar Andujar (Helena)                                                                                        Boom for Real

Beth Broderick (Harlene Corf)                                                         Just Outside Redemption

Babs George (Mrs. Fergus)                                                                 Mad Beat Hip and Gone

Amanda Morish (Mayme)                                                                              Intimate Apparel


Outstanding Set Design

Ia Ensterä                                                                                                                        Slowgirl

Ia Ensterä                                                                                                                            Strike

Ann Marie Gordon                                                                                    Qualities of Starlight

Ann Marie Gordon                                                                                                        WATER

Derek Kolluri and Jenny Lavery                                          Austin Is a Place (You Are Here)


Outstanding Lighting Design

Jason Amato                                                                                                                   WATER

Rachel Atkinson                                                                                            The Edge of Peace

Kathryn Eader                                                                                               The Secret Garden

Erin Fleming                                                                                                       The Attic Space

Michelle Habeck                                                                                                    33 Variations


Outstanding Sound Design

Blake Addyson                                                                                                                   Strike

Robert Fisher                                                                                                                  Slowgirl

Jeff Mills                                                                                                              Dream Cabinet

Buzz Moran                                                                                                     spacestation1985

Buzz Moran/K. Eliot Haynes                                                                         Toil and Trouble


Outstanding Costume Design

Carl Booker                                                                                              Little Shop of Horrors

Monica Gibson and Lucie Cunningham                                                        The Cruel Circus

Deborah Roberts                                                                        White Christmas: The Musical

Jamie Urban and Monica Gibson                                                                             Circus Girl

Chin-Hua Yeh                                                                                                 Intimate Apparel


Outstanding Music Direction

David Blackburn                                                                                                                Edges

Jeffrey Jones-Ragona                                                                                             Princess Ida

Michael McKelvey and Steve Suagey                                                            A Minister’s Wife

Allen Robertson                                                                                       Ragtime: The Musical

Allen Robertson                                                                         White Christmas: The Musical

John Vander Gheynst                                                                             Little Shop of Horrors


Outstanding Dance Choreography

Toni Bravo                                                                                                                      EARTH

Danny Herman and Rocker Verastique                                                   Under Construction

Vincent Sandoval                                                                                                             Swing!


Outstanding Fight Choreography

Travis Dean                                                                                  The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Joseph Garlock                                                                                                      Julius Caesar

Toby Minor                                                                                                                Coriolanus

Andrew Rodgers                                                                                                Doctor Faustus


Outstanding Original Script

Dennis Bailey                                                                                     Just Outside Redemption

Gabriel Jason Dean                                                                                  Qualities of Starlight

Nat Miller                                                                                                     The Little Mermaid

Steve Moore                                                                                                    Agnes and Alfred

Andrew Perry                                                                                        Playground Superhero

Suzan Zeder                                                                                                  The Edge of Peace


Outstanding Original Score

Chelsea Manasseri, Rudy Ramirez, Melissa Vogt-Patterson, Michelle Alexander,

Hayley Armstrong, Jennifer Coy and Kyle Zamcheck                                          Sing Muse

Héctor Martínez Morales                                                                                      Mariachi Girl

Graham Reynolds                                                                                                   Invisible Inc.

Chad Salvata, Chris Humphrey, Anderson Dear, Melissa Vogt-Patterson,

Betsy McCann, Emerald Mystiek and Mindy Rast                                                    EARTH

Justin Sherburn                                                                                               The Cruel Circus


Outstanding Media Design

Lowell Bartholomee                                                                 Vodka, Fucking and Television

Chris Owen/K. Eliot Haynes                                                                          Toil and Trouble

Kate Leahy                                                                                                  The Little Mermaid

Katie Rose Pipkin                                                                         The Man Who Planted Trees

Lee Webster                                                                                                                        Strike


Outstanding Cast Performance

Avenue Q                                                                                               Austin Theatre Project

The Cruel Circus                                                                 Trouble Puppet Theater Company

The Motherfucker With the Hat                                                                    Capital T Theatre

Sing Muse                                                                                   VORTEX Repertory Company

Twelve Angry Men                                                                               City Theatre Company


Outstanding Ensemble Performance

Robert Schleifer and Dan Lendzian (Tuck and Voice)                              The Edge of Peace

Scot Friedman and Evan Shaw (Adam and Luke)                                                    Next Fall

Allen Robertson, Hunter St. Marie, Paul Koudouris, Will Krause, Harrell Williams,

Tony Bray, Rick White and Shane Walden (the band)            One Night With Janis Joplin

Jennifer Underwood and Dennis Bailey (parents)                                 Qualities of Starlight

Jason Newman and Bradley Carlin (astronauts)                                         spacestation1985


Outstanding Young Performer (tie)

John Austin (Zeus as youth, Hades, Ganymede)                                           Zeus in Therapy

Paige Bradbury (Mary Lennox)                                                                   The Secret Garden

Vincent Hooper (Youth)                                                                                   Passing Strange

Gray Randolph (Pippin)                                                                                                   Pippin

Donnie Thigpen (ensemble)                                                                                            Swing!


Outstanding Puppetry

Adam Sultan                                                                                           Physical Plant Theater

The Cruel Circus                                                                 Trouble Puppet Theater Company

The Family of Ree                                                                        Pollyanna Theatre Company

spacestation1985                                                                                                Natalie George

Toil and Trouble                                                                 Trouble Puppet Theater Company


Special Certificates

Community outreach and accessibility in The Edge of Peace, UT Department of Theatre and Dance

Being the Piano Man in 33 Variations, Anton Nel

Props in Qualities of Starlight, Helen Parish

Community involvement for Crab the Dog cross-promotion in Two Gentlemen of Verona, Something for Nothing Theater


Rudy Kloptic Award for Outstanding Work in Improvisational Theater

(nominated by the artistic directors of Austin’s improvisational theaters)


Bad Boys (ColdTowne Theater)

Fandom: Improvised Fan Fiction in Your Favorite Worlds (The Hideout Theatre)

Get Up (GNAP! Productions/Salvage Vanguard Theater)

The Known Wizards (MerlinWorks/ZACH Theater)

The Megaphone Show (The New Movement Theater)

The Suitcase (The Institution Theater)



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