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Ashes, Big State


Robert Ball, Antigone

Susan Dillard, Vinegar Tom

Susan Dillard, Long Day's Journey (WINNER)

Jim Fritzler, Ashes

Dan Oliverio, Good

Joe Stevens, The Woolgatherer

Don Toner, The Immigrant

Johanna Whitmore, Top Girls

Lead Actor

Jim Bannerot, Waiting for Godot

Norman Blumensaadt, Merchant of Venice

William Friedman, Ashes

Robert Graham, Breaking the Code

Thomas Parker, The Immigrant (WINNER)

Marco Perella, The Woolgatherer

David Stahl, Antigone

Wilson Wade, Long Day's Journey

Lead Actress

Starla Benford, Sonnata Blue

Jackie Bromstedt, Long Day's Journey (WINNER)

Janelle Buchanan, Ashes

Mary Agen Cox, Hamlet

Mary Agen Cox, Miracle of Washing Dishes

Heather Hollingsworth, Three Sisters

Jill Parker-Jones, The Immigrant

Elizabeth West, Joe Egg

Featured Actor

Marc Balester, Long Day's Journey

James Bunzli, Measure for Measure

Steve Chambers, Joe Egg

Steven Fromholz, The Immigrant

David Jones, Long Day's Journey

Barry Pineo, Antigone

Donald Pitschel, Burn This

Michael Stuart, Fool for Love (WINNER)

Featured Actress

Sue Bredenberg, Vinegar Tom

Mary Agen Cox, Top Girls

Reilly Gallagher, Top Girls

Babetta George, The Immigrant

Heather Hollingsworth, Good

Angee Hughes, Ashes

Anne Nabors, Les Liaisons Dangereuses (WINNER)

Elizabeth West, Vinegar Tom



Broadway Bound, Capitol City

High Hopes and Heavy Sweatshirts, Capitol City

Jacques and His Master, Different Stages

Laughing Wild, Zachary Scott (WINNER)

Laundry and Bourbon, Sam Bass

Reckless, UT Drama

Steel Magnolias, Live Oak

Tuna Christmas, Paramount/Duggan/Dennett


Robert Ball, Reckless

Norman Blumensaadt, On the Verge

Michael Harlan, Black Comedy

Ed Howard, Tuna Christmas

Eryk Markham, Jacques and His Master

Edward Roland, High Hopes and Heavy Sweatshirts

Ken Webster, Laughing Wild (WINNER)

Ken Webster, Steambath

Lead Actor

Robert Faires, Laughing Wild (WINNER)

Paul Garlinghouse, Drinking in America

Paul Garlinghouse, Some Things You Need to Know . . .

Jim Grisham, Lone Star

Michael King, Jacques and His Master

Philip Nolen, Black Comedy

Joe Sears, Tuna Christmas

Jaston Williams, Tuna Christmas

Lead Actress

Janelle Buchanan, Laughing Wild (WINNER)

Katherine Catmull, Crimes of the Heart

Barbara Chisholm, Blithe Spirit

Babetta George, Steel Magnolias

Kathy Grisham, Laundry and Bourbon

Laura Poe, Reckless

Donna Stevens, I Married an Ignoramus

Cassie Vizard, Broadway Bound

Featured Actor

Henry Fitzgerald, On the Verge

Steve Flanagin, Broadway Bound

Harry Kloss, Jacques and His Master

John Meadows, Steambath

Marty Ratliff, A Flea in Her Ear (WINNER)

Jim Rippee, Black Comedy

Michael Stuart, Broadway Bound

Mike Stuckey, Lone Star

Featured Actress

Janelle Buchanan, Steel Magnolias (WINNER)

Katherine Catmull, Steel Magnolias

Laura Diaz, High Hopes and Heavy Sweatshirts

Laura Diaz, Psycho Beach Party

Lana Dieterich, Jacques and His Master

Bernadette Henderson, Reckless

Laura Poe, High Hopes and Heavy Sweatshirts

Jan Stuckey, Laundry and Bourbon



Angry Housewives, Capitol City

Annie, Summer Musical/PARD

Cafe Manhattan, Chicago House

Celebration, University Presbyterian/Perrone

Chicago, St. Edward's

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Paramount

Patience, Gilbert and Sullivan/Hyde Park

Something's Afoot, Capitol City (WINNER)


Jacki Chapman, Patience

Michael Harlan, Something's Afoot (WINNER)

Jessica Kubzansky, Angry Housewives

David McKenna, A Funny Thing

Charles Ney, Chicago

Bil Pfuderer, Annie

Jess Walters, Tosca

Ray Weikel, Celebration

Lead Actor

Barry Colvin, Celebration

Neal Gibson, Celebration

Neal Gibson, Patience

Sterling Price-McKinney, Cafe Manhattan

Joe Sears, A Funny Thing

Bart Spraberry, Patience

David Stokey, Chicago

Joe York, Irma La Douce (WINNER)

Lead Actress

Anna Carapatyan, Annie

Pamela Christian, Something's Afoot (WINNER)

Dee Dee Fields, Chicago

Karen Kuykendall, Cafe Manhattan

Jana Mora, Chicago

Laura Powell, Celebration

Sandy Thurow, Patience

Sandy Walper, Annie

Featured Actor

Chris Jennings, Angry Housewives

Tito Menchaca, A Funny Thing

Philip Nolen, Chicago

Jeff Osborn, Annie

Doug Schram, Tosca

Michael Stuart, Something's Afoot (WINNER)

Bill Wise, Angry Housewives

Joe York, Annie

Featured Actress

Katie Blackwell, Chicago

Libba Bray, Patience (WINNER)

Michelle Cheney, Angry Housewives

Kathleen Lawson, Angry Housewives

Laura Powell, The Wonder Years

Paige Thompson, Something's Afoot

Cassie Vizard, Angry Housewives

Meredith Welch, Something's Afoot

Musical Directon

Annie, Noel Alford (WINNER)

Cafe Manhattan, Sterling Price-McKinney

Celebration, Kim Vitray

A Funny Thing, Tito Moreno

Irma La Douce, Noel Alford

Patience, Celeste Booker

Something's Afoot, Les Young

Tosca, William Reber


Angry Housewives, Bud Coleman

Annie, Judy Thompson-Price

Celebration, C.J. Ellison

Chicago, Bud Coleman

A Funny Thing, Terri Raridon, Dee McCandless

Irma La Douce, Judy Thompson-Price

Patience, Jacki Chapman

Something's Afoot, Terri Raridon (WINNER)



Just So Stories, Zachary Scott's Project InterAct

The Velveteen Rabbit, Capitol City/KidsActing (WINNER)


Bill Friedman, Rumpelstiltskin (WINNER)

Bob Tolaro, Just So Stories * (tie)


Bobby Burmea, East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Madison Briggs, East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Bill Friedman, Rumpelstiltskin (WINNER)

Bill Friedman, The Boy Who Talked to Whales

Rodney Garza, Just So Stories

Charles Hobby, East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Damon Jones, East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Michael Lopez, East of the Sun, West of the Moon


Johnna Adams, Cinderella Meets the Wolfman

Julie Vasquez, East of the Sun, West of the Moon (WINNER)


Scene Design

Annie, Bil Pfuderer

Broadway Bound, Scott Stewart

Burn This, Ken Johnson

Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Richard Smith (WINNER)

Measure for Measure, Polly Allen

Something's Afoot, Scott Stewart

Three Sisters, Mike Winkelman

Tuna Christmas, Loren Sherman

Costume Design

Annie, Ann Means (WINNER)

Arms and the Man, Peggy McKowen

Jacques and His Master, Cindi Turnbull-Langley

Measure for Measure, Devon Painter

Merchant of Venice, Diana Sethre

Miracle of Washing Dishes, Alva Nelms

Three Sisters, Valerie Winkelman

Tuna Christmas, Linda Fisher

Lighting Design

Black Comedy, Michael Massey

Chicago, Gary Van Der Wege

A Christmas Carol, Don Day

The Immigrant, Ken Hudson

Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Don Day (WINNER)

Reckless, Allen Clark

Something's Afoot, Robert Whyburn

Tuna Christmas, Judy Rasmuson

Sound Design

Angry Housewives, Jimy and Gordon Gunn

A Funny Thing, Ken Huncovsky

Hamlet, Jimy Gunn

Laughing Wild, Jimy and Gordon Gunn

Member of the Wedding, Daniel Paul Davis

Miracle of Washing Dishes, Deah Gulley

Something's Afoot, Jimy Gunn

Tuna Christmas, Ken Huncovsky


Blood Brother Weekend, Wayne Alan Brenner

Cosmic Eggs and Quantum Bacon, Tom Mellett

High Hopes and Heavy Sweatshirts, Libba Bray (WINNER)

I Married an Ignoramus, Suzanne Chesshire

The Miracle of Washing Dishes, Lindsey Lane

Sonnata Blue, Sharon Bridgforth

Tuna Christmas, Joe Sears, Jaston Williams, Ed Howard

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