1992-1993 WINNERS

And the winners are...


Production - Beehive (Zachary Scott Theatre)

Director - Dave Steakley (Beehive)

Lead Actress - Kara Bliss Galbraith (Little Shop of Horrors) Lead Actor - Frank Delvy (Iolanthe)

Featured Actress - Judy Arnold (Beehive)

Featured Actor - Kirk Addison (Little Shop of Horrors)


Production - The House of Yes (Frontera Productions)

Director - Vicky Boone (The House of Yes)

Lead Actress - Ann Perea (Little Miss Loulou)

Lead Actor - Bil Pfuderer (The Sum of Us)

Featured Actress - Katherine Catmull (The House of Yes)

Featured Actor - Clayton McGran (Johnny on a Spot)


Production - Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll (Zachary Scott Theatre, Subterranean Productions, Big State Productions)

Director - Jim Fritzler (Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll)

Lead Actress - Patricia Wappner (The Baltimore Waltz)

Lead Actor - Ken Webster (Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll)

Featured Actress - Margaret Hoard (Our Country's Good)

Featured Actor - Matthew Patterson (The Baltimore Waltz)


Original Script - Jo Carol Pierce and Blackie White (Little Miss Loulou, Southwestern University and Chicago House)

Set Design - Michael Raiford (Mirandolina)

Costume Design - Michael Raiford (Beehive)

Lighting Design - Robert T. Whyburn (Sweeney Todd)

Sound Design - Lou Rigler (Lend Me a Tenor)

Properties - Joe York and Scott Schroeder (Little Shop of Horrors)

Hair and Makeup Design - Robin Lee (Beehive)

Musical Direction - Gary Powell (Beehive)

Choreography - Dave Steakley (Beehive)