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Plays for Youth

Outstanding Production

Degas' Little Dancer, ZSTC Project InterAct (WINNER)

The Frogs, VORTEX Repertory Company

Pigman in the Old West, Freddy Carnes Productions

Roxaboxen, Magik Children's Theatre of San Antonio

Señora Tortuga, Teatro Humanidad

Time Again in Oz, UT Dept of Theatre & Dance

The Wonder Hat, Second Youth Repertory

Family Theatre

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Austin Musical Theatre

Outstanding Director

Kevin Archambault, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

G'ann Boyd, The Mischief Makers

G'ann Boyd, The Wonder Hat

Rod Caspers, Time Again in Oz

Brian Gaston, Liu, the Dragon King

Judy Matetzschk, Degas' Little Dancer

Clay Towery, The Frogs (WINNER)

Outstanding Actor

Jesse Galvan, Time Again in Oz

Clint Gilfillan, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Craig Kanne, Pigman in the Old West

David Nancarrow, Time Again in Oz

Maurice Ripke, The Mischief Makers

David Saldaña, The Frogs

Nick Walker, The Wonder Hat (WINNER)

Outstanding Actress

Ann Armstrong, A Place of Peace

Irene Gonzales, Señora Tortuga

Peyton Hayslip, Degas' Little Dancer (WINNER)

Beth Leckbee, Liu, the Dragon King

Tiffany Nicely-Williams, The Frogs

Bobbie Owens, Inside's Out


Outstanding Production

The Butcher's Daughter, Refraction Arts

The Cry Pitch Carrolls, Salvage Vanguard Theater

Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio,

VORTEX Repertory Company

The Music Man, Austin Musical Theatre (WINNER)

The Rocky Horror Show, Zachary Scott Theatre Center

Outstanding Director

Bonnie Cullum, Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio (WINNER)

Jason Neulander, The Cry Pitch Carrolls

Deanna Shoemaker, The Butcher's Daughter

Scott Thompson, The Music Man

Outstanding Actor

Ron Berry, The Butcher's Daughter

Tom Byrne, The Music Man

Greg Holt, Jesus Christ Superstar

LeRoy Nienow, Children of Eden

Jim Raposa, The Music Man

Alex Rollins, The Music Man

Kirk Smith, Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio (WINNER)

Joe York, The Rocky Horror Show

Outstanding Actress

Susanne Abbott, Tapestry: The Music of Carole King

Brooks Almy, The Music Man

LuAnn Aronson, The Music Man

Laura Kenney, The Music Man

Ellie McBride, The Butcher's Daughter

Richele A. Pitalo, The Butcher's Daughter

Janis Stinson, Children of Eden (WINNER)

Stephanie Swenson, The Butcher's Daughter


Outstanding Production

Abundance, Zachary Scott Theatre Center & Athena Dramatics

Blithe Spirit, ONSTAGE Theatre Company

Closer, Zachary Scott Theatre Center

Curb Appeal, Frontera @ Hyde Park Theatre (WINNER)

Lipstick Traces, Rude Mechanicals

The Mystery of Irma Vep, Zachary Scott Theatre Center

Senioritis, VORTEX Repertory Company

Outstanding Director

Ann Ciccolella, Closer

Robert Faires, Abundance

J. Damian Gillen, Blithe Spirit

Christina J. Moore, Curb Appeal

Shawn Sides, Lipstick Traces (WINNER)

Outstanding Actor

Martin Burke, The Mystery of Irma Vep

Dan Dietz, Terminal Hip

Michael Miller, Closer

Rob Nash, Senioritis

Paul Norton, Closer

Steven Tomlinson, Curb Appeal (WINNER)

Wade Williams, For the Love of Linko

Joe York, The Mystery of Irma Vep

Outstanding Actress

Kara Bliss, Closer (WINNER)

Babs George, Barefoot in the Park

Peyton Hayslip, Blithe Spirit

Lana Lesley, In the House of the Moles

Helen Merino, Crimes of the Heart

Bernadette Nason, Blithe Spirit

Andrea Osborn, Closer

Brooke Parker, Barefoot in the Park


Outstanding Production

Ashes to Ashes, Public Domain Theatre Company

desire, Laura Somers (WINNER)

Polaroid Stories, Frontera @ Hyde Park Theatre

Pride's Crossing, Zachary Scott Theatre Center

Shakespeare's R & J, Zachary Scott Theatre Center

Taking Sides, Actors Theatre of Austin

Under a Western Sky, Teatro Humanidad

War, Rude Mechanicals

Outstanding Director

Kirk Lynn, War

Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio

Jason Neulander, Venus

Jerry Pilato, Taking Sides

Robi Polgar, Ashes to Ashes

Sarah Richardson, Pride's Crossing

Sarah Richardson, Shakespeare's R & J

Laura Somers, desire (WINNER)

Outstanding Lead Actor

Brad Armstrong, Bucky: The Life and Work of

Buckminster Fuller

Joey Hood, The Collection

Forrest McClendon, The America Play (WINNER)

Jeffery Mills, Equus

Art Peden, Taking Sides

David Stahl, Ashes to Ashes

David Stahl, The Collection

Dirk van Allen, The Weir

Outstanding Lead Actress

Katherine Catmull, Ashes to Ashes

Katherine Catmull, A Kind of Alaska

Francelle Stewart Dorn, E Pluribus Unum: Barbara Jordan -- One Voice

Christa Kimlicko Jones, desire (WINNER)

Joni L. Jones, Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling

April Matthis, Venus

Meredith Robertson, Pride's Crossing

Jill K. Swanson, Othello

Outstanding Featured Actor

Joel Crabtree, Taking Sides

Richard Craig, Fruits and Vegetables

Cory Cruser, Polaroid Stories

Travis Dean, The Possibilities

Judson L. Jones, desire (WINNER)

Daniel Lam, Polaroid Stories

Stewart MacGregor, Fruits and Vegetables

Outstanding Featured Actress

Janelle Buchanan, Spring Storm

Dana Eskelson, Spring Storm

Peyton Hayslip, Fruits and Vegetables

Lana Lesley, War

Helen Merino, Pride's Crossing

Sarah Richardson, War (WINNER)

Stacey Robinson, The America Play

General Categories

Outstanding Cast Performance (tie)

Abundance, Janelle Buchanan/Barbara Chisholm/Scotty Roberts/Rich Upton/Jon Watson/Joe York (WINNER)

Bleacher Bums, Travis Dean/Lana Dieterich/Robert S. Fischer/Jeff Gondek/Joey Hood/

Christa Kimlicko Jones/David Jones/Judson L. Jones/Eric Peterson

The Cry Pitch Carrolls, Lana Lesley/April Matthis/Joseph Meissner/Shawn Sides/Becky Stark

Love's Fire, Tara Battani/Stuart Bone/Bradley Carlin/Cory Cruser/Lee Eddy/Jason Garrett Hays/Nick Kougias/Jenny Larson/Shannon Riley/Elizabeth Wakehouse

Shakespeare's R & J, Martin Burke/Chris Hatcher/Aaron Johnson/Jon Watson (WINNER)

Outstanding Set Design

Ann Marie Gordon, Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio (WINNER)

Michael Massey, The Good Woman of Setzuan

Christopher McCollum, Fruits and Vegetables

Christopher McCollum, Polaroid Stories

Marco Noyola, Ashes to Ashes

Michael Raiford, The America Play

Michael Raiford, Pride's Crossing

Outstanding Lighting Design

Jason Amato, Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio (WINNER)

Jason Amato, The Rocky Horror Show

Tina Berrigan, Polaroid Stories

Stephen Pruitt, Invisible Moments

Zach Murphy, Ashes to Ashes

Zach Murphy, War

Outstanding Sound Design

Emily Fordyce, Polaroid Stories

Dutch Rail & Dave Steakley, The America Play

Allen Robertson, Closer

Allen Robertson, The Mystery of Irma Vep

Scott Schroeder, Fruits and Vegetables

Kirk Smith & Ken Burchenal, Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio (WINNER)

Outstanding Costume Design

Leslie Bonnell, The Rocky Horror Show (WINNER)

Pam Fletcher, Pigman in the Old West

Theresa May, Goldie: A Fish Story

Michael Raiford, The Mystery of Irma Vep

Michael Raiford, Pride's Crossing

Susan Tsu, Time Again in Oz

Outstanding Music Director

Fred Barton, The Music Man

Ken Burchenal, Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio

John Howrey, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Graham Reynolds, The Cry Pitch Carrolls

Allen Robertson, Tapestry: The Music of Carole King (WINNER)

Outstanding Choreographer

Aimee McCormick, Polaroid Stories

Kevin Archambault, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Margery Segal, Love's Fire

Scott Thompson, The Music Man (WINNER)

Scott Thompson, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Outstanding Original Script

Ann Ciccolella, Fruits and Vegetables

Dan Dietz, Blind Horses

Jennifer Haley, The Butcher's Daughter

Kirk Lynn, War

Kirk Smith, Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio

Steven Tomlinson, Curb Appeal (WINNER)

Alice Wilson, Bucky: The Life and Work of Buckminster Fuller

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