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2001-2002 WINNERS

And the winners are...


Production, Comedy:

The Importance of Being Earnest (Sam Bass Community Theatre)

Director, Comedy:

Kyle Evans, The Importance of Being Earnest

Actor & Actress, Comedy:

Rob Nash, Rob Nash Does Romeo and Juliet With the Cast of Holy Cross

Katherine Brewer, Fuddy Meers

Featured Actor & Actress, Comedy:

Charles P. Stites, Fools

Karen Kuykendall, Big Love


Production, Drama:

The Laramie Project (Zachary Scott Theatre Center)

Director, Drama:

Dave Steakley, The Laramie Project

Lead Actor & Actress, Drama:

David Stahl, Richard III

Meredith McCall, The Pavilion

Featured Actor & Actress, Drama:

Everett Skaggs, The Seagull

Jessica Hedrick, References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot


Production, Musical:

The Sound of Music (Austin Musical Theatre)

Director, Musical:

Scott Thompson & Richard Byron, The Sound of Music

Lead Actor & Actress, Musical:

Andrew Rannells, Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Leslie Stevens, Sweet Charity

Featured Actor & Actress, Musical:

Tim Blackwood, The USO Christmas Show

(tie) Kathryn Chambers, Rigoletto;

Larissa Wolcott, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown


Production, Play for Youth:

Bye Bye Birdie (Austin Musical Theatre Performing Arts Academy)

Director, Play for Youth: (tie)

Kevin Archambault, Bye Bye Birdie;

Bonnie Cullum, Moby Dick

Actor & Actress, Play for Youth:

(tie) Damien Gillen, Edward, the Owl and the Calico Cat;

Stewart Johnson, Moby Dick

Elizabeth Doss, Moby Dick


Outstanding Cast Performance:

Janelle Buchanan, Martin Burke, Jenny Larson, Meredith McCall, Robert Newell, Sarah Richardson, Dirk Van Allen, The Laramie Project


Musical Direction:

Fred Barton, The Sound of Music

Original Score:

Kirk Smith, The Deluge: On the Shoulder of Night

Original Script:

Emily Cicchini, Edward, the Owl and the Calico Cat

Costume Design:

Kari Perkins, Dark Goddess 2002

Lighting Design:

Jason Amato, The Deluge: On the Shoulder of Night

Set Design:

Ann Marie Gordon, The Deluge: On the Shoulder of Night

Sound Design:

Buzz Moran, Etta Sanders, and Hillary Thomas, The Intergalactic Nemesis Redux

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