2002-2003 WINNERS

And the winners are...


Production, Comedy: Vigil (Hyde Park Theatre)

Production, Drama: Henry V (Austin Shakespeare Festival)

Production, Musical: Crazy for You (Zilker Theatre Productions)

Production, Play for Youth: Waking Sleeping Beauty (kidsActing)


Director, Comedy: Ken Webster, Quake

Director, Drama: Melissa Livingston, HIT.

Director, Musical: Dennis Whitehead, Ain't Misbehavin'

Director, Play for Youth: Robert Faires, A Christmas Carol [Second Youth Family Theatre]


Actor & Actress, Comedy:

David Stahl, The Dead Presidents' Club

Jennifer Underwood, Betty's Summer Vacation

Actor & Actress, Drama: Tom Parker, The Flame Keeper Lee Eddy, Bash

Actor & Actress, Musical: Holton Harrison Johnson, The Pirates of Penzance Claire Vangelisti, The Pirates of Penzance

Actor & Actress, Play for Youth: Brandon T. Harris, The King Stag Betsy McCann, A Dragon's Happy Day

Featured Actor & Actress, Drama: Robert Newell, Love! Valour! Compassion! Sarah Seaton, The Traveling Lady

Featured Actor & Actress, Comedy: David Jones, 16 Spells to Charm the Beast Bernadette Nason, Merry Wives of Windsor

Outstanding Cast Performance: Joel Citty, Shanon Weaver, Ken Bradley, HIT.

Outstanding Ensemble Performance: Paula Gilbert, Wendy Goodwin, Betsy McCann, Regina Yunker, Medea

General Catagories:

Musical Direction: Jeffrey Jones-Ragona, The Pirates of Penzance

Choreography: Sharon Sparlin, Curieosity

Original Score: Robert Skiles, Jan Bozarth, Noel Alford, Theresa May, Sarah Hickman, Cindy Symington, Dede Clark, Jerry Jeff Walker, Django Walker, Holly Watson, Waking Sleeping Beauty

Original Script: Shanon Weaver, HIT.

Costume Design: Yvette Oakes, The Traveling Lady

Lighting Design: Brian S. Davis, Ain't Misbehavin'

Set Design: David Potts, Proof

Sound Design: Edmund Pantuliano & Blaine Indemaio, Medea